Jacqueline Harris (storyteller) and I were awarded a Reasearch and Development Grant by Arts Council England, which allowed us to explore further our collaborative working, together with Theatre Projectionist Adam York Gregory. We develop the multimedia storytelling performance, which we first put together last September for the Lancashire Encounters festival in Preson , exploring new ways to combine the visual and the aural, exploring new Lancashire stories and how to involve audiences.

I have traveled to new places such as Morecambe Bay (see below), and found new ways to tell a story, through drawing, painting and sculpture. My challenge has been not to illustrate the story, but to explore it in a way that immerses the viewer in the imagery in new and different ways.

There are greenies, brownies, and boggarts in Lancashire. All are small, male faeries, often mischievous, able to see what we can not,  or showing us what's in store for us.  I persuaded a good friend with perfect faerie features to sit for me to produce this head.

Male Faerie, Greenie, Brownie, or Boggart