Meme Dictionary

Here you will find a handy dandy compendium of all the fantastic memes birthed by the mind wombs of the Lettuce Gang. This dictionary serves to inform whomever sees a random duck or hateful message directed at Jim (that bastard) and wonders what the hecking thump it means.

(Still in development, more may be added in the future)




The "Duck" meme was created when, over the Summer holidays of 2018, the members notices the blatant overuse of the "Laughing Crying Emoji" in the chat. The solution to this terrible problem was by introducing a new emoji that would represent a true "lol" in response to whatever entertaining japes had been happening on the chat - the emoji chosen was "duck". Duck has also served as a holy voice in many cases - it's omnipotent voice tempting the members of the chat to commit many acts.

The duck is always watching.


Dancing Turkey

The best emoji on Skype. Hands down. No contest. Represents the ultimate in sexduction, beauty, fabulousness and obviously taste.



When Jacob was seen on several occations randomly roaming the streets of Clitheroe in pursuit of some seemingly secret objective, it was obvious there was only one logical explanation: his Daddy. Since then, Jacob has been seen on the way to visit his father, variously called Paul and several other hard-Brexit names. What exactly Jacob and his Daddy do remains a mystery, but we can certainly dream...



The sign of a true upperclassman. Only those who wear airpods can be classified as social elite - not only is their design smooth, modern and fashionable but they're also incredibly efficient at #BlockingOutTheHaters. They can be used as a visual indicator of one's status, for example at an oxbride interview one may elegentally tuck their hair behind one ear, drawing the interviewer's attention to their "pods" and thus granting them an immediate unconditional scholarship.

So far, Alisha and Jacob are the only members of the chat who own such items, the rest are simple peasants.


Fein Hundert

I have no idea what this means - probably something sexual knowing Sadid. Eitherway, they refuse to tell me. Always guaranteed to make Jacob giggle like a little schoolgirl.



The origins of Martin were from a igbo translate letter written by Jacob for the kiddos leaving for China back in October 2018. Upon first glance he was immediately accepted as our new god and is worshipped faithfully to this day.

Other Gods of the lettuce gang include "Joshua Loan Clarke" - the idol of a religious group (cult?) set up by Alisha and Jacob in late 2018. There exists a holy scripture in Jacob's possession which details the commandments of Joshuism.

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